Film and photography consent form:

Glory Squad will film most sessions and make footage and photography available to parents so they have memories to share amongst friends and family of their child playing audacious football and learning outrageous tricks. 
We will also use this on our website, promotional material and social channels.

 I give permission for my child’s sessions to be filed and shared with me and used within the academy venue for display purposes, within other printed publications, the Glory Squad website and social media pages.

Parental Declaration

I apply for membership of Glory Squad and agree to the following:

Medical Consent: I give my consent that in an emergency situation, the academy may act in loco parentis if the need arises for the administration of emergency first aid and/or other medical treatment which in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner may be necessary. I also understand that in such an occurrence that all reasonable steps will be made to contact any parent/guardian named on this form.

Insurance: I understand that individual players have limited insurance provided by the academy. (Full details of The Sportsguard policy are available on request all claims and queries should be directed to



£45 – One off registration fee (Includes Nike Kit, and Yoga Matt)

£55 – monthly fee (lesson cost is £13.75 per session)

£40 – discounted sibling rate

Payments to be made by standing order: 

Glory Squad Ltd
Barclays Bank
Sort code 20-42-76
Account number 43975452